2. my back hurts and i am to be Thirsty for *EVER*!! ):

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Peter Cook, SLEEK


    Peter Cook, SLEEK

  4. I’ll Come Running Back To You

  5. I like listening to the repeating dust pop on my record player; trying to determine the shape of the dust or scratches based off of their sound quality and length- each rotation adds a new layer and so by listening to the differences upon each layer one can determine contour and texture.

    that being said, i’m overall bummed that this record has such a popping scratch through that radius /:

  6. a cool thing i found out today!

    Walk On The Wild Side was produced by David Bowie!!

    I didn’t know that! Why did no one tell me?!

  7. I actually realized this the other day and realized that not only does ice cream taste great and feel awesome but by buying ice cream I am saving time (that it takes to find new clothes) and money because it’s conserving my pantsize.

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  11. I still think it should be spelled “greatful.”

    just saying.

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  14. AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GUYS! I just found out that The Ventures initially formed in Tacoma!!!!!!

    maybe this isn’t so exciting for you but this is huge for me they are my favorite band i didn’t know anything abuotUT themmM!

  15. I’m at that point

    where i almost just signed up for christian mingle just bc i don’t know wtf to do with all these fantastic selfies

    they need more nice agnostic jewish girls on there, right?