1. passed,

    She said that if you stared at the screen long enough, an eye would eventually emerge. I could not solve her riddle until it occurred to me that she meant “I” would emerge.

    I prefer to own it.

    I prefer to live in the moment, on purpose, and passed as well.

    I don’t know if I would rather keep my eyes open or closed or if the screen really does mess up one’s sleep schedule or if it was the hard cider consumed at 12am that lead to extreme drowse immediately after consumption, but now I am up…

    She told me if I kept Tweeting and Tumbling and Face-bookin’ it, a “we” and, eventually, a “you” would emerge.

    I knew what she meant this time, but it has been very difficult to assess these things from any non-scientific standpoint so I suppose some research will be required.

    Somatics sound interesting but I must say, I am still quite enamored with sibilance, spell check if I can get it, and and.

  2. Airlock

    Air tight all night

    Scuba dive downward dog
I want you
Do you

    All night air tight
It’s not love it’s not wrong
I love you I’m not wrong

    You’re long gone

    Air tight out of sight

    Hermetico packaged away

    Signed, sealed, delivered,

    I’m yours

    You don’t own me
I don’t own you
I don’t own my body
I am my body
I want you

    All night

    Tighten the screws

    In my hips to you
We’ve got nothing left to lose
Or nothing left to win
I obviously don’t own you

    When you choose to lose

    So long

    Air tight all night
I will seal your lips
You will win my fights
I will bite your skin


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T H E R E A L M B E Y O N D # 4

for ever


    T H E R E A L M B E Y O N D # 4

    for ever

  5. Dear Tumblr,

    Dear Tumblr,
    Dear Tumblr,

    Dear Tumblr,

    Dear Tumblr,

    Dear Tumblr,

    Dear Tumblr,

    Dear Tumblr,

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    the goal is to love myself so much it offends other people

  9. microcontrollers will probably control you but if you are designing their use you probably want this to happen unless you are me but I guess that’s why I’m staying the fuck away from that.
    it’s very difficult!
    No really! Everyone wants you to! Everyone wants you to and it’s very difficult not to start doing a lot of things but you MUST RESIST  you
    I am supposed to be doing some circuit bending stuff right now but I really have no control over myself lets be honest lets be honest I’m losing it
    but I will go scratch on film because that’s a location and a do-in-location.
    pretty soon adderall can be my do-in-location
    but I need to stop procrastinating on contacting the requisite providers and
    ha ha ha
    fuck you know I bet none of this sponge-brained (not) poetry/ “inaction” would have (not) occurred if my fucking back bike tire hadn’t popped in that fucking pothole going down that fucking hill into that fucking beautiful road god what a fucking beautiful bike ride why does it have to be so fucking beautiful outside I wish there was a pill that de-passioned
    also I have high blood sugar and maybe I’m really depressed about it!

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    this poem is on request it is called jaboi

    jaboi is my room mate house mate. I have to say house mate because this one time
    this one time someone got really frustrated with me for saying “room mate” about my house mates at the time because they said it was confusing and I said “
    but you know I live in a house??!”
    and I felt kind of bad about it at the time so I didn’t forget
    but later someone told me that whoever said that was a dumbass everyone says “room mate”
    jaboi is my room mate
    he wears very good clothing
    sometimes it is gold-embellished
    I think maybe he’s a rich kid from the east coast
    rich like in dumpster-fashion sense, not necessarily cash
    not dumpster-values though because dumpster values actually has really dumb prices on it’s clothing

  11. self taught self bought
    this one’s not real
    this one is very boring
    this one is very boring, too!
    lol why is it sunny at six pm
    hah i will turn my music off
    that word I was about to type really fucking will not do fuck that
    my room mate just opened up the door and left it like that which is awesome because the sun is shining directly at the corner of my left eye and temple
    I really like it when I can’t look at the grass or houses very well because the sunlight is in my eyelashes
    dandruff looks really great in the setting sunlight, too
    dust, too!
    lol what if I repeated the first verse lol what if these were all songs lol i hate repetition

  12. Dear Tumblr,


  13. A buncha

    A bunch of things keep making me feel the slightest tinge of nausea lately for some reason. The reason would be logically linked to me getting over being sick except it wasn’t a nauseous type of sickness and some of the things are just things like pictures that look annoyingly nostalgic even though someone just shot it and put it on facebook in the span of a few instants. My stomach just says “nope!”

    nope nope noep nop nopnpo npooonooooooooo

    edit: but not all new pictures that look nostalgic but maybe. I will observe. This is probably not very important.

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  15. I can’t get over Moebius.

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