1. things that are broken and making me want to cry because of it:

    - bike tube (keeps popping about every 5 rides i go on)

    - speakers (whole situation has been continuously for four months)

    - brain (have been drinking bears every nite)

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  4. I started this over a year ago in response to an assignment for alt crit. Finally got outta school/ found time to “finish” it up though I’d rlly love some critique!

    thxxx/ enjoy

  5. bitcoins & pandas

    my old professor recently invited me on a trip to visit a bitcoin mine. I figured I should read the fuck up because I’ve kind of just been ignoring the subject for the past few years because you need to put on horse blinders to survive college.

    so now I’ve read about them and instantly got weirdly depressed in this very epic existential way. I could write an essay about that but for now lets just say it has to do with not wanting to play such a specific game and feeling shitty about it. Maybe that’s economics in general. I’m probably going to keep catching up more about economics and e-commerce and whatnot from now on and it’s probably going to keep making me go “wtf fuck all of this shit I just want to fucking video bend leave me ALOOONEEE”

    anyways here is an article that made me feel a little better, tbqh.

    I have just graduated college and right now my only goal in life is to find and grow a raunchy panda steed on habitRPG.
    The tasks on my habitRPG list all say stuff like “practice drums.” “practice sticking.” “record cool experimental background loop for dude’s film project”
    I’d really like to keep it that way, honestly. I guess it’s cool to understand what’s going on and have intense philosophies about it (because I can’t help this) but at the end of the day I need to remember that my goal in life is to be happy, which I’m pretty sure isn’t necessarily the same as “with it.” :p

    politics and the economy make the concept of “growing up,” “being true to ones self,” and “being real” pretttyyyy weeirrddd to peg jusstt sayinngggg

  6. what i’ve been reading pt. 1

    hi now that i’m out of school i will probably be reading a lot more/ not having a syllabus to keep track of it as well or people to follow it up with. in order to remember to follow up with texts or just to have a place to refer to them, i’m going to use this blog as a way to keep track. if you message me and say “hey i’ve read that!” or “hey what did you think about this part?” I will be sooo happy.

    - Rise & Fall of Great American School System, Diane Ravitch

    - “Video: Shredding The Utopian Moment” by Martha Rosler

    - yesterday read like 3 full chapters of A History of Video Art - Meigh-Andrews

    - today also a few articles on bitcoin, something i’ve been meaning to catch up on forever now. this article on fungibility of bitcoins felt like a good access point for starting to learn more about economics (another thing I’ve been meaning to catch up on in the past couple of years)

    - listened to a nice amount of NPR podcasts (mostly planet money): “The LA School iPad Scandal: What You Need To Know,” “The High-Tech Cow,” “The Story of Allibaba” (which I will have to incorporate into my spec fic, and also is not actually the story of Allibaba and the 40 theives), and then there were some other ones


  8. my back hurts and i am to be Thirsty for *EVER*!! ):

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Peter Cook, SLEEK


    Peter Cook, SLEEK

  10. I’ll Come Running Back To You

  11. I like listening to the repeating dust pop on my record player; trying to determine the shape of the dust or scratches based off of their sound quality and length- each rotation adds a new layer and so by listening to the differences upon each layer one can determine contour and texture.

    that being said, i’m overall bummed that this record has such a popping scratch through that radius /:

  12. a cool thing i found out today!

    Walk On The Wild Side was produced by David Bowie!!

    I didn’t know that! Why did no one tell me?!

  13. I actually realized this the other day and realized that not only does ice cream taste great and feel awesome but by buying ice cream I am saving time (that it takes to find new clothes) and money because it’s conserving my pantsize.

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